Monday, March 27, 2017

Let's do this !


Okay so if you came here from my IG post (profile) then Hello!

But if you dropped by this blogpost from any other sources, Hello, too!

Hey, there's something I wanted to show you. It takes a lot of courage to share all these unseen photos of mine, so World! Appreciate my effort! (ha-ha) :-

So THIS is a real picture of me a few months ago (back in 2016). 

No filter, no special posing that can make me look slimmer, no special camera effects no nothing. Even the facial expression is somewhat very original. Haha. It was scorching hot at the time this picture was taken and I remembered sweating like crazy with all the make up on. I was about to attend a wedding reception but I can’t remember whose reception was it. I tried taking a few ootd shots but gave up after realizing it was a waste of time because it will never work. Pose in any angles still fat waannn aiyoo forget it lah, Im.

Anyways, my family know how I seldom go to wedding receptions. Mom invited me a lot of times but I refused to go. 40% because I usually have made plans with my friends (and often involved consuming lotsa food) but 60% was because I don’t like to dress up in a baju kurung because I look like a mak cik most of the time (meaning I don't look my age in a baju kurung).

2016 was the year in which I remained overweight throughout the whole year. My main excuse was that I had so much stuff to handle and lots of stress; completing my Master programme, surviving corporate jobs and tried finding extra pocket money with some part time jobs here and there… so the only treat I could pamper myself with was in the form of food (and friends). Yes. I did hang out a lot too but the timing was a bit off because normally, I will have dinner with my friends especially after working hour and we would splurge on food at cafes and restaurants around KL and Selangor. It was fun. Girly nights are always very fun, but not for your body. Well, to mine, at least.

Oh and did I mention I was addicted to Chatime (Tealive). I live by Bubble Tea. Period. My mom hates it when she saw me with a cup of bubble tea she’ll go :


Welp at least I'm happy~


Real life no posing no camera angle no nothing; This is what you get.

The only funny thing was that I exercised often too (Not very structured as nowadays). But I did not lose weight. Go figure! (stupid diet programmes and unstructured exercise routines that I grew tired of and abandoned it altogether).

Stepping into 2017, I began changing my mind set and lifestyle. I just want to have a good life with my loved ones and be healthy at the same time. I’m (almost) 26. The age in which you really need to start taking care of yourself inside out! Especially if you’re a woman! (This is rather awkward as I used to refer myself as a “girl” most of the time). 2017 is the year for ME to take care of the one and only : ME.

Here’s to a healthier me!

Ps: Apologies to those who are expecting some numbers (kg, cm, bmi, bmr...treadmill speed, inclination, heart rates etc.) I don't want to get into that (yet) because this post will be too long if I deep dive into that area. Save it for later. 

Sunday, August 14, 2016

25th 'humble' Birthday Celebration

So it is August!

And i have officially turned 25 on 7th of August 2016, last Sunday.

It is pretty awesome to think back that I once had no idea where will I be and what will I be during my 20s.. and now Alhamdulillah I have passed a quarter of century of my life and I couldn't be more thankful to God.

So last Sunday Syazwi invited me for a dinner at Nandos. Just to share with you all, (although I doubt the existence of any 'you all' here, nevermind), everytime the name Syazwi pops up in my daily life or throughout my life, it will always be about finance stuff for EB. That can't be controlled any more, that is an automatic configuration setting of my brain. I'm sorry Awi... (lol).

Since she just got married a few weeks before, and was so busy managing her new life as a wife (congratulations again- i shall blog about this soon), we have not been talking about EB's stuff for quite some time now. Although it hurts me (haha) but I chose to ignore it as well since I have to complete my master studies too (yes my life is so packed like oh my God kinda thang).

And when Awi texted me for a dinner (at Nandos some more~) I have no reason to back out. I was like "Ok Jom! Im bawak laptop".

And that was what literally happened.

We met at  Nandos and talked about EB's stuff for a bit. A bit. I would like to stress on that 'A BIT' part. Because we really did talk about EB A.BIT.

And I can't really figure out even until now whether Syazwi was really listening to all of my ambitious babbling or was she just pretending to be interested. She was being a very good listener though. Despite of my lack of proper documentation to present to her, I think she was being a very supportive friend that night. Haha..

And then of course, we stopped talking about EB when more interesting topics suddenly came out of nowhere. Hahaha, girlfriends will always be girlfriends.

And then it happened. Out of nowhere Farah and Annisa popped out from behind my back. Nonchalantly they took a seat at our table and were laughing at things I was not particularly clear of.

Hmm... something is not right here.

Of course I was like "what are you guys doing here? duduk duduk! join us!"

and later I found out it was only a trick that they pulled out to celebrate a 'humble' birthday celebration for me. (But of course!)

You girls are good at acting it all out. Although honestly I am better at smelling the fishiness that has been going on throughout the whole meet up, I chose to be in denial and ignore it all (Coughs).

See those crepe cakes? Those are awesome! Thank you so much for satisfying my craving for crepe cakes wonderful ladies!

But thank you so much for your time and effort girls. :p

And the fact that you girls let me do all the talking. *sigh

Silly faces to counter our 'fatigue-ness'; Semua muka lepas kerja #Kepenatan #Keselekehan

I am always excited to meet my girlfriends, and no stories are ever so boring or lame for me to share it out with them, even if it is about my chocolate bar has just got eaten by the ants, I will tell them. That's a normal thing.

I shall end this blog post here,

Till next time,

Sunday, May 22, 2016


Just exactly 1 year and 7 months ago, I thought I knew what I would want to do. My dream was to have a great business empire, particularly in the field that I am very interested in; Fashion.

Fast forward, I am currently working as an executive at a very respected and renowned GLC company which its major business is on Township and Property Development.

I had to admit, I was pretty stubborn at first. Although I did humble down and begin from ground zero, trying hard to learn the way it should be in a corporate world, I was deep-down very rebellious. Only my close friends and family members would know how much I hated my job back then. Why? Because I did not know what to expect.

I was very unclear of what my job scope was. I was asked to do a few ad-hoc project related matters but I was unsure about the exact mechanism people in the corporate sector would normally adapt to.  It was a very weird feeling. To work and not loving it, for me it was hell. It was not something I expected to feel.

So in the meantime, I continued chasing for my dreams ( I have a few, let's just say this one is also on the list). To be at the centre stage and in the limelight, I went to a few auditions and not many people know about this. It was quite funny to think back about the whole crazy endeavours I went through. I have a partner in crime that would accompany me to those auditions. Sometimes, I went alone. What audition am I talking about? Haha, I meant auditions for a TV presenter and a few others. I performed successfully in front of the panels. They adored my talent and confidence level. However, they expect this talent to come from a slim and slender individual just for the sake of being presentable on the 2D TV screen.


Is a very powerful mind game.

But having one is crucial too as it will shape the future results of your effort.

And I am talking in a general term here.

But in life, you really need to expect the unexpected.

Like how I am liking my job now (LOL)
So tell me, what's your expectation in life?

Saturday, October 24, 2015

25 October 2015

Recently, I am addicted to burgers. I don't even know why. Because of that, two weeks in a row I went for some serious best-burger-hunting with a very good friend of mine. So tell me, how am I to commit with my strict diet plan? laugh out really loud. 

Yesterday, after we have done with our EB errand, we went to Big Brother restaurant located in Seksyen 7, Shah Alam to have our lunch. My burger craving has been fulfilled! 

Home-made beef burger

Salmon Salad

Stuffed Ice-Cream crepe for dessert!

I shall continue with this burger hunting. Can't really stop.

Saturday, October 17, 2015

18 October 2015

It feels like forever since I last updated this blog.
So many things have happened in which i felt the need to capture the moments in writing but I failed to do so.
Now where do I begin?

Anyways, hello world, hope you are doing fine today.
Today is Sunday and the weather is just perfect. I was out on a treadmill run earlier this morning, then had my breakfast (1 small packet of Nasi Lemak Mom bought) and now I am on the floor, in my room, typing this up.

I decided to get myself organized today. I have to settle a few things and errands.

1) Need to do some of EB's work. InshaAllah EB is having a new project near future. Just yesterday I was out with Farah and my sister, we went for a business-motivation trip around KL-Bangsar and Shah Alam. I can't reveal our plan yet but InshaAllah i'll keep you posted.

2) Need to kick start on my Master's research work already! Second semester is starting next month and I need to stop being such a sloth on my research progress!

Well, it seems like just these two on my list are the most important actions as for now...although I am pretty sure I have a lot more than this. I just can't remember all.

Anyways, have a great Sunday!

Don't forget to chill out when that Monday blues appear somewhere in your mind.

Saturday, March 7, 2015

08 March 2015

I have abandoned this blog for quite some time now. I don’t even know if I still have the skill to write or describe about my life as how I used to before.
Anyhow, I am here now.
Just to update and to put everything into a chronology,

    1)     I have officially graduated from the University of Edinburgh last November 2014.
   Took a short trip back to Edinburgh just to attend my once in a lifetime graduation ceremony. Since    I have just started working by then, I had to take a week off my working days. And Gawwdd I miss    Edinburgh so damn much. *cries

   2)   Started working since October 2014. This is a whole new journey for me. I am now a Project              Executive with UEM Sunrise Berhad. Looking back at things, I just discovered how fast the change     of title from being a student to an executive had taken place. Rindu zaman kat UK :'(

Monday, October 27, 2014

Life Advice


When a guy from a company opposite of our office building stares at you while he is walking from an opposite direction,
do not pretend like you don't care, and shy away from that gorgeous eyes.
Enroll in the staring game as well. 
Look back straight into his eyes (still, while walking. Yes. The game is sexier this way).

Take out your office name tag just to show (and hoping he would see it) that you are working for the company opposite of his office building.

Keep the staring game on,

until HE gives up.

yes. HIM! not you. never you.

and THAT is how you handle the situation
(and possibly get yourself a handsome engineer-boyfriend....hopefully)

 (Look into my eyes... - Maximus the kitty)

Sunday, October 26, 2014

Intertwined Route to Life

So many things have happened in my life.
Like...SO MANY things. 
I have completed my studies and now I am working.
Yes! I have a job!

I thought of spending a few months or maybe a year, not doing anything but to just enjoy life. But fate has another story for me. I got a job earlier than I expected and I secured the placement 'easily' without having to confuse myself with other possible-available options. Come to think of it, I haven't even officially graduated from university. My graduation ceremony is in November. Yes, I haven't received an official certificate implying that I am an official graduate from the University of Edinburgh, yet, I already am working. Cool isn't it?

That is why today's rant shall be about fate. and destiny. and 'that' path which lies in front of you.

I always find the way fate and destiny work is kind of funny. Positively funny, that is. I don't know the exact system of how they work. Do you know? Does anybody actually know? I guess not. A normal human being doesn't know. God knows.

Coming from my personal experience, I will always hate one thing and made up my decision to NEVER going to choose that certain most hateful thing ever, but I'll ended up having to do something with that thing and liking it. ('Thing' in this term is a general description of...anything). 
Same situation occurs for my process of securing a job at this company I am working for.
Initially, I told myself I would never want to work there. Why? Because I thought I could end up working with a few familiar faces. I don't like working with people I already know. I mean, I am just about to start a new life, a new stage in my life, so I would prefer if I could start everything from zero, start anew, start fresh! If say, I already know somebody in my department, that person will probably already acknowledge my weaknesses and my strength. It wouldn't be as adventurous anymore. 

However, it came to a point in which I managed to secure a job at this company. The best part is; I know nobody in my department. The worst part is; I know nobody in my department. 
Nope, I did not mistype anything.

Of course at first I thought not knowing anyone in my department was awesome. I can take this opportunity to make new friends! To meet with new colleagues, to adapt myself in a whole new social sphere. Yes, I do think it is awesome :) , but judging from the other side of my mind, I do think I was pretty lonely in the beginning. I was pushed into a group of friends, and I was the only outsider in that group. I felt so left out. But things take time to develop. Slowly I am beginning to open up to these new faces, and I believe slowly, they are accepting me, which is good. 

Overall, bad side turned good. I am loving my job. Honestly,  I do :)

See how important it is for you to not judge anything before giving it a chance?
and never judge the fate that has been destined for you. Fate works in a very funny intertwined kinda way, just to trigger some sense of excitement within you so that your life will never be dull.

Be thankful, and learn from your surroundings. You'll understand fate better this way.

Part of the route to Scotland's highland. Gambar sekadar hiasan, but I took this picture! lols.

Friday, May 23, 2014

Cafe Hopping: Curious Tea Rooms, Edinburgh

It was a very Magical evening.



1) I was not expecting to go for a tea session with Zhanna. I thought we were just having lunch and that was     it.

2) We did not even realize the existence of this Cafe. Never been there before.

3) It was a random act. We walked, and we saw the Cafe. So we barged in. Nothing planned.

What makes the Cafe , 'Magical' ... 

was this:

Then I asked one of the staff :

Me: "How did you make that possible?" (pointing to the set of furniture on the ceiling) 

Staff: *Glares and Shrugs* "It's Magic."

and I was about to tell her how lucky she was because I am a big Magic-believer :)

but then Zhanna came and spoil everything:

Zhanna: "It's glue"

HAHAHAHAHA Nice one Zhanna nice one. Way to indulge in my Magical experience.  Well!
it's back to Reality I guess! :D

Curious Tea Room is all about Alice in Wonderland.
They offer awesome cakes and of course the highlight of the tea room is TEA! 
They have SO MANY DIFFERENT TYPES of teas to choose from!

We tried rose bud tea and it was aweeesomeee...
Maybe because I am a very big fan of anything-roses and vanilla :)

Have a visit! :

Curious Tea Rooms
Address: 13 Frederick St, Edinburgh EH2 2EY
Phone:0131 225 2028

This is a very brief review :)
But I love every second I spent my time there, with lovely Zhanna.

I am sure going to miss the moment. 

Final year. Final story. Final journey.

Tuesday, April 1, 2014

Cafe Hopping: Choco-Latte

So Choco-Latte is not exactly a cafe in which you can sit in and enjoy your snacks/food there.
However, they do carter some takeaways mainly hot drinks like coffees and hot chocolate...
I haven't tried any of it.
I have been to this small confectionery shop several times before but most of the time I only bought Maltesers mega muffin. My favourite one in the shop :)

So just to clarify,
this is actually a long overdue post in which I was supposed to blog about it a few months ago.
I have not been to the shop recently, so these pictures were taken during my last visit to this shop a few months ago. (The picture detail stated : 14 February 2014, so I guess this was the exact date I went to the shop. in FEBRUARY. and what's now? APRIL! lol)

So as I already mentioned,
my favourite heavenly sweet treat I often get from this cute shop is the mega muffin.
I have tried its Maltesers Mega Muffin as well as the Oreo Mega Muffin! 
Guilty pleasure.

The only reason I haven't been to this shop more often recently because I am trying to cut my sugar intake.

Choco-Latte is located at South Clerk Street Edinburgh.
Have a visit!

and below, I leave you with some mouth watering pictures filled with maximum guilty pleasure...
I'm sorry.

I ended up buying these.