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Iftar with POPLOOK KL Team

Another entry about Iftar with another bunch of awesome peeps !
21 June 2017, Poplook KL team had our department “dinner” at the Curve. Normally it is department lunch, but this time around, during Ramadhan, since we could not eat lunch, we switched for dinner instead. Out of all the good and fancy restaurants available, we chose Waroeng Penyet for Iftar. We are so cool liddat! Hahaha. It was damn good, since some of us have not eaten ayam penyet for a while. And for me, as usual, I had the biggest most massive feast of flaming sambal to go with my ayam penyet dish. My stomach can take it, it has this strong resistance against anything spicy nowadays.
Mahirah brought along Hadi (my potential future menantu), and Rahn brought his wife (newlyweds) .
It was a quick dinner, but we had fun.

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