Tak Sabar Nak Kahwin!!!

The title itself makes me wanna barf. Big Time!
Look. Listen (or in this case: READ) whatever crap I am about to write down. okay.
This is my opinion regarding the topic mentioned above:

Apparently, i have been seeing this kind of 'sentence' being mentioned or said or typed down publicly (be it on Facebook...here there or everywhere)

Now listen. It's not that i am an Anti towards the real message that lies behind the word "kahwin", i mean, semua orang pun will have the intention to get married one day. Come on, we're all normal. and yes, having a family is part of the plan, but...

But you don't have to tell the whole world about it! 
It doesn't seem right somehow. Posting on Facebook and intentionally allow other people to 'misunderstood' you.
Fine, you might think it is just for fun. Or you might just take it as a joke but... in  a way... some people might look at you as the 'desperate' one. . . and trust me, being 'secretly' labelled as desperate, is no-fun at all. 
If you seriously want to get married and think that you have reached the right moment to do so, then show it in a form of actions! NOT WORDS! Guys or Girls... this is applicable to both genders.

A friend once told me that there is more to life than just thinking about love, marriage and stuff. It's true. 
And i would like this to be applied to Facebook statuses. I mean, go write down something on your status that could shape up the world into a better place. One 'humanity-related-topic' as your status could be 'THE' big hit of the month you know. No kidding. This kinda thing might happen to you. Who knows.

Now back to the main subject:
Like what i mentioned above, everyone wants to get married. And insyaAllah it will happen to everyone one day, when the right time arrives, so in the mean time, why not just keep this topic to yourself and with your girlfriends (for girls) and among guy friends (for guys).
Talking about marriage between a girl and a guy totally crosses the line people. This is no joke. Because, by doing so, a wrong-message could be delivered in a wrong way to either one of the party involved. Which...will lead to numerous indescribable consequences. (okay so the word indescribable, there, is just an exaggeration...cuz the consequences are quite obvious though, but well...go figure, people.)

The thing about 'there is more to life than just thinking about marriage and love...bla bla bla..' ... well, there are some truths in the sentence, Like...for example, (this is a bit cliche' but is extremely important), i've been exposed by the idea of us, to change to be a better person first, before we could ever think of getting married to anyone. See? this is the kind of thing that those people who have the intention to get married should do and think about, first! 
Secondly, the fact that have we done most of our duties and responsibilities as a Son/Daughter, and the rightful slaves of our God? Significant eh?
so? shut up and think already! 

However, i would also like to point out that thinking about marriage is also fairly important to well...all of us. And by all of us i do mean to the whole society. This is because by the bond created through a wedding, (marriage) .. somehow,denotes the power to mould up the shape of our future society, future generation.
In other words, I am not saying that marriage is a wrong thing (Gila pa? Dosa satu hal, I also wanna get married one day, satu hal jugak. duhhh~?)
but...what i am trying to portray from my 'crap-writing' is that... keep it to yourself, boleh tak? Or cakap sesama lelaki or sesama perempuan je ke...tu pun dengan kawan2 baik ke...x pe lah. tak payah nak bagitau satu dunia please? sebab tak semua orang akan intrepret benda baik baik okay. hmm. This is life.
lagipun kalau satu dunia tau pun pasal 'keinginan' kau yang tak sabar nak kahwin tu...macam...erghhh tak romantik la... kesian future-husband or future-wife korang nanti. 
sama je perempuan ke laki ke. diam2 sudah.
After all... "because secretive is sexy.." :p ... (ohhh the irony~~~ >_<) 

Oh! and one last thing: whatever point i have made tadi tu, might not work to those who have already found 'the one' mereka. :') so kalau memang dah confirm2 nak kawin tu...do lah whatever yang still tak menggedik gedik and melanggar hukum agama okay. Tapi message message yang saya utarakan di atas adalah untuk mereka-mereka yang Single-Mingle and baru nak cari orang tu...cari diam diam sudah, please... ==' OH!! NOT TO FORGET! : ME. (That's right. I am no exception. I am the same as all of you)


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