Let's do this !


Okay so if you came here from my IG post (profile) then Hello!

But if you dropped by this blogpost from any other sources, Hello, too!

Hey, there's something I wanted to show you. It takes a lot of courage to share all these unseen photos of mine, so World! Appreciate my effort! (ha-ha) :-

So THIS is a real picture of me a few months ago (back in 2016). 

No filter, no special posing that can make me look slimmer, no special camera effects no nothing. Even the facial expression is somewhat very original. Haha. It was scorching hot at the time this picture was taken and I remembered sweating like crazy with all the make up on. I was about to attend a wedding reception but I can’t remember whose reception was it. I tried taking a few ootd shots but gave up after realizing it was a waste of time because it will never work. Pose in any angles still fat waannn aiyoo forget it lah, Im.

Anyways, my family know how I seldom go to wedding receptions. Mom invited me a lot of times but I refused to go. 40% because I usually have made plans with my friends (and often involved consuming lotsa food) but 60% was because I don’t like to dress up in a baju kurung because I look like a mak cik most of the time (meaning I don't look my age in a baju kurung).

2016 was the year in which I remained overweight throughout the whole year. My main excuse was that I had so much stuff to handle and lots of stress; completing my Master programme, surviving corporate jobs and tried finding extra pocket money with some part time jobs here and there… so the only treat I could pamper myself with was in the form of food (and friends). Yes. I did hang out a lot too but the timing was a bit off because normally, I will have dinner with my friends especially after working hour and we would splurge on food at cafes and restaurants around KL and Selangor. It was fun. Girly nights are always very fun, but not for your body. Well, to mine, at least.

Oh and did I mention I was addicted to Chatime (Tealive). I live by Bubble Tea. Period. My mom hates it when she saw me with a cup of bubble tea she’ll go :


Welp at least I'm happy~


Real life no posing no camera angle no nothing; This is what you get.

The only funny thing was that I exercised often too (Not very structured as nowadays). But I did not lose weight. Go figure! (stupid diet programmes and unstructured exercise routines that I grew tired of and abandoned it altogether).

Stepping into 2017, I began changing my mind set and lifestyle. I just want to have a good life with my loved ones and be healthy at the same time. I’m (almost) 26. The age in which you really need to start taking care of yourself inside out! Especially if you’re a woman! (This is rather awkward as I used to refer myself as a “girl” most of the time). 2017 is the year for ME to take care of the one and only : ME.

Here’s to a healthier me!

Ps: Apologies to those who are expecting some numbers (kg, cm, bmi, bmr...treadmill speed, inclination, heart rates etc.) I don't want to get into that (yet) because this post will be too long if I deep dive into that area. Save it for later. 


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