Shenanigans on the 21st - 22nd Ramadhan

I am just so happy that this year’s Ramadhan I have managed to tick a few items on my list. By items I mean more like…some memories created. Yes, I am the type of person that loves small small even the simplest form of attachment with my beloved and dearest circle of acquaintances, good friends and family members. I received worth of RM 500++ of make up products for my birthday present last year, it’s not like I don’t appreciate it, I do! But what made me remember more about my last year’s birthday was the presence of my Mom and Dad and sister and of course my kitty by my side. That, ladies and gentleman, was tattooed deeply in my mind and heart.

Back to my Ramadhan memories. My aim this year was to make sure I fully utilize this Holy month by spending it the right way. I am not going to go near the duties and obligations as a Muslim and some miracles I felt for the past few weeks, because those shall be between me and God. However, in terms of spending this month with the right people… yes, I am going to write it down here, in this blog because I want to remember this.

Last Friday 16 June 2017, 4 Dara Pusing dot dot dot finally able to sit down and had an Iftar together! 4 Dara puisng dot dot dot is a group, consisting of 4 members whom are all still single but may be not available (some but not all lol). The name started when these 3 ladies visited me in Edinburgh while I was studying there a few years back. These 3 good friends of mine were from Warwick by the way. So initially the name of the group was 4 Dara pusing Scotland… but then it has developed to 4 Dara pusing Paris… 4 Dara Pusing London… etc.

Now now, back to my Ramadhan memories (again, sorry for diverting…) so all 4 of us managed to sit down for an Iftar session at Riverside, PWTC. I bought the buffet vouchers at 11 Street and it only costs RM 65.90 per person (originally was RM 80 I guess). Malin came a bit later because she could not find a parking space. Of course! It was damn packed! Because there was also Mood Republik (Raya Fest.) happening at PWTC too that whole weekend.

Long story short, we celebrated Illya’s birthday too! It was the second most loser-est surprise mini birthday celebration I ever initiated in my entire life! (First place goes to when I had a mini birthday dinner with Abrar and birthday boy paid the bill - Lol.. give and take.) The plan was to just stick some candles on top of some desserts we got from the dessert table. And also, Hanisah and I managed to request a birthday wish dedication and a song from the singer who entertained visitors at the buffet event. The loser-est part was when by the time the singer sang Illya her birthday song (and the whole crowd actually heard! So Illya was literally famous for a few seconds!) we later found out Illya was so oblivious about it! She was scooping some food to her plate and was all clueless she didn’t pay any attention to the announcement at all! LOL! Thank God about a few seconds before the dedication ended, Illya finally realized that the whole announcement was for her, and she was being all sheepish about it. Lol. (Gawd! Thanks!) hahaha… Illya ~

So later that night, all 4 of us continued our journey to Mood Republik… Was thinking about buying anything nice (I don’t need more baju Raya, I have 7 already now! T_T maybe I should think about selling it via Carousell later lol) However, there was nothing ‘nice’ attracted us. In the end, I only bought some make up brushes and a contact lens for my sister. Malin went back early, so only Hanisah, Illya and myself were left to browse through the area/hall for a few more rounds.

Malin left early though

Hanisah and Illya had a sleepover at my apartment that night. The next day… boy was it full blown with trips and activities! Again, long story short, we started off with a trip to Bangi… then to Cheras… then to Publika for Iftar, then straightaway to Jalan Tar and then BAM! off to Pelita Nasi Kandar for an early sahur. God I was having some sort of a hangover for two friggin days! Hahaha. One of the signs that I’m aging. Sigh.

When your friends say " don't need it!"

Damaged done

There you go! A lot has happened actually! Like how we went wandering around Jalan TAR that night until the LRT service closed, and we had to grab an Uber for a ride back to my apartment…etc.
I love it all. Every small occurrence in my life, like this, is what makes everything so wonderful and to cherish forever!

We actually did this kind of activities, last two years (2014) … I hope this shall be the tradition between my friends and I ! Sleepovers, shopping, trips !

Happy fasting and Salam Ramadhan all!


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