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I remembered last year (2016) I went for an interview at Poplook Sdn Bhd. It was on a public holiday during “Nuzul Quran”. Secretly, I was so relieved that my former workplace was on a holiday, but not Poplook as it follows Melaka’s holidays.

My boss (now ex-boss) did not know a thing about this. Everything went smoothly. So smooth that I got the job immediately after a few days. (I love job interviews! I guess probably this is the case – Lol).

Fast forward to today (6 June 2016), I have to admit that was one of the best decisions I have made throughout my entire life!

Working with Poplook (emphasize on ‘with’ not ‘at’), I have learned a few important things :-

1) Your mind – Keep it humble

Yes. Talking in a general term, I used to have this mind set that a Sdn Bhd is a small company and a small Sdn Bhd is a small Sdn Bhd. Little did I know that a Sdn Bhd that sells clothing via online platform is never just a small Sdn Bhd! Heck! It was never small in the first place! The longer I am in this industry, I learned about how massive the industry is! Looking at all local brands and online retail platforms, Sdn Bhd or not, they are actually humongous!  

Normal Selekeh Work-wear

2) Empowerment

I learned the true meaning of empowerment here at Poplook. (Oh! Now that I mentioned this, my Master thesis was on Empowerment topic too- Lol). At Poplook, job delegations are clear cut. Everybody knows what to do and are held responsible for it. Being responsible is the best feeling in the world because you’ll strive to do the best you can and when the result comes out, you’ll feel another best feeling in the world : Satisfaction.

3) Teamwork

I used to feel extremely sad that I had to leave my awesome team back at UEM Sunrise (Where I used to work). The bond between my team at UEM Sunrise and I  was at a different level. However, even for a case like this, God gives me better! Teamwork at Poplook is at a different level too. Especially because my colleagues are all around my age (The Gen-Ys) so the whole environment here at Poplook is superbly fun!

4) New Family

Tying to the point I have made above, I can say that I have now found a place where I belong (dramatic sangat). It is all about giving chances to get to know people. As what Pocahontas sang “if you walk the footsteps of a stranger, you’ll learn things you’ll never knew… you’ll never knew”. Yeah I don’t know where am I going from here but I hope you get the idea.

5) Work-life balance

I am appreciating my work-life balance even more nowadays. It was not as stressful as when I worked at UEM Sunrise! And I hope I don’t surprise you by saying this but I never experience Monday Blues since I started working for Poplook. Hm. See how powerful its management is? 

This is a very brief post about my career. I’ll probably write about my job scope and all the fun (and tiring!) part of working in this industry in a different blog post! (Doing this because so many of my friends – Girls especially – are very curious about what I really do at Poplook! Haha)


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